Sunday, January 23, 2011

quick update

What a week it has been... Courtney went and had a CT scan last week and I have the films to take to the ENT on Wednesday lets just say it's hard having them and not knowing how to read them. All the CT tech said is she is stuffed up, DUH I could have told you that. I don't know if it was a good or bad thing that she was stuffed up when she had it done. I know that she hasn't had a bloody nose since she started using the cream that the ENT gave us. She has done really well this winter so far with out being really sick or needing anti's . Dezi and Courtney stayed at my mom and dad's house Friday night it was nice, even though I was in my pj's by 8:00 P.M. kinda makes me feel old but I enjoyed being able to just relax and I even slept in Saturday morning I made my self. The girls came home Saturday late afternoon and Dezi told me she didn't feel well she didn't want to eat but I made her eat a little bit of soup well needless to say on her way to bed she threw up all over the floor and then a few more time during the night. So Dezi and I didn't go to church Courtney got up early so she could go with her daddy to church I didn't want her around Dezi more than she needed to be which was a good thing because Dezi puked lots more. She really hasn't eaten much today but she has been having liquids and she ate a piece of toast and has been able to hold things down since noon. I will keep her home tomorrow just in case. If no more puke tomorrow then she will be returning to school on Tuesday. 

On a side note I am so over winter and the cold weather I try not to complain because I know it's colder other places. But I am ready for carpi's and flip flops. I'm ready for a weekend get away with just hubby and I. I am wanting to do a surprise vacation with the girls even if it's just a weekend get away with them, not sure how many vacations we are going to be able to take this spring and summer since we are going back home to Maryland in November for Eric's nieces wedding and I would rather fly then do the 12 hour drive since it will be a short trip. 

Hope everyone has a good week will update Wednesday or Thursday about Courtney's ENT appointment.