Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's that time of year again

Her outfit that she picked out for picture day.

Trying to scare me I love this pic

Being cheesy after treatment tonight

Sisters and best friends for life

not real sure

My baby girl

Courtney and Grandma on 9-14-11

Courtney interviewing everyone

Just Courtney
Yeap I am really starting to dislike September through late March. Courtney had to go in last month for another CT scan of her sinus's. CT scan didn't look as bad as her first one back in December but it wasn't all that great either. So her ENT doctor put her on 6 weeks of Omnicef and three weeks of prednisone 1st week she 20 mgs 2nd week she takes 10 mgs and the 3rd week she is on 5 mgs. So this shall be fun since this is the first time EVER that she has been on them longer than 3 days. She also goes for a CF check up next month so we will see what her CF doctor has to say about her being on the meds she probably won't be happy because she wasn't the one to put Courtney on them, she doesn't like that we see a local ENT rather then the one in Fort Wayne that she rather Courtney go and see. I like our local ENT she deals with other CF patients also so she knows her stuff and heck it is less than a 5 minute drive for us and Courtney doesn't have to miss school. So all in all I am hoping that she gains some weight so maybe just maybe the doctor won't complain to much. I am really thinking about taking her to Riley but I don't know, I want her to get the best care possible and at times I feel like she isn't. Yes I understand that she also has asthma so OK lets do something about it. Also her CF doctors knows that  diabetes runs on Eric's side of the family and you would think since once a year her levels are kinda high for her that they would at least draw twice a year and then she has us add a iron pill along with her vitiams and I thought it was because her iron was low nope it has to do with her blood count. I had to ask why and then I was a little upset because my mom is dealing with the same thing right now so you would think they would talk to me more about it or even want to re draw and see where her numbers are now.

Well, good thing Courtney is on a antibiotic because Eric is sick and I thing I am starting to get it. She is coughing more so we have upped her albuterol treatment and vest she goes to bed at night and that's when she really starts coughing. I just wish she would learn to cough it all up but I know in time she will. I know part of it is probably due to allergies but she doesn't really get effected by them. 

On a good note she is loving school and is in the highest group for her spelling words I was told she tested higher than the other two that are in her spelling group. She got a 100% on her math test. I am so proud of her but she has her standards set so high for her self.