Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clinic update and VENT

Well, I think I should have just taking Courtney to clinic today because of what happened. Let’s see Courtney gained only 8 ounces and kinda got yelled at for her not gaining more but I am sorry that my daughter rather eat fruit and not junk all the time. I am not one of those parent’s that are going to feed their kids fast food every day just to gain weight. There is also crackling in her lungs so she is on 3 weeks of Augmentin. Eric basically got yelled at from the doctors because she said she wanted her to be on anti’s. Ok let me back up on Friday February 4th I had called clinic because we thought we heard wheezing well no one answered so I left a message and called her peds to see if I could get her in at least to be listened to, the clinic nurse called me back and I explained what was going on to see called the doctor and needless to say the doctor told me to take her to the peds and if she was wheezing or anything to put her on 3 weeks of Augmentin I also informed the clinic nurse that she was having sinus surgery on the 14th of this month. So I take Courtney to the peds and she is clear as a bug so I called the clinic nurse back and told her and she was like OK that’s good.

Well today the doctor told Eric that she should have been put on 3 weeks of Augmentin and that she acted surprised that she had already has her sinus surgery and that after sinus surgery it all drains into the lungs and then says well I only trust 1 out of 14 ENT’S. Well, hello when she said that Courtney needed to be seen by an ENT she should have recommend one like the one that she trust. I feel bad for Eric getting the wrath of it. There needs to be better communication between us the CF clinic nurses and the doctor. What get’s me is that I even called and let them know she was clear the nurse should have said something to the doctor about Courtney’s up coming surgery. So now we have to go back in one month for a follow up.

Don’t get me wrong I love our doctor and how she likes to keep on top of Courtney’s health but don’t yell at us parents when there was missed communication.  So there is my vent for the day.