Friday, July 30, 2010

Catron's Garage Flash me Friday

Have you ever wanted to know what someones house looked liked but didn't want to be nosy. Well now you can all you have to do is go over to and join the Flash me Friday. There is only one RULE and that is you can't clean before taking pictures.  This week it's garages or where you park. I got lucky because we just got done cleaning my garage out Thursday morning.

The left side of my garage
The middle  had to get it cleaned out so I could park in there again
Right side
The back garage which is Eric's
Needs to be cleaned out some of the stuff is from my garage and the stuff in the way back is the landlords what doesn't have time to come and get his stuff once he does it will be where Eric parks if he wants but also where he can do his wood working
Most of my garage

Friday, July 23, 2010

Flash me Friday favorite piece of furniture

This weeks Flash me Friday that was picked by Jen is your favorite piece of furniture... OK I have more than once so it's very hard to pick..

The futon because that is where Courtney does treatment and also because when it's just us girls we can make it in to the bed and have movie night and have snuggle time
The recliner because when the girls aren't feel good or just want to be help Eric or I can rock them

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camping/Wordless Wednesday

Courtney Fishing
About to be fishing
Doing treatment why tent was being put up she wasn't very happy
Dezi helping set tent up
The sun on the lake
Miss. Courtney
Miss. Dezi
The moon
Girls fishing or something                

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16th 2010

Well, I didn't do the Flash me Friday today and that is because as of right now I don't have any pics on the wall besides of my kiddo's, in my bedroom all I have is the pictures the girls have colored for me and I love them all. I am wanting to get some beach pictures ex palm trees sunsets and what not.

Today was a busy day getting everything ready for camping tomorrow and dealing with attitudes. I am so looking forward to spending time with Eric since he has been busy with work and school and then doing over nights for two days now we are looking forward to some much needed family time. I just wish just once that we could go some where and not have to pack all the meds, vest, and everything else but until there is a CURE I will keep packing all of Courtney's much needed stuff.. Pictures of camping will be coming soon..

Also last night I did some online shopping and spent more than I would have liked but at the end I told my self and my check book it was for a great cause. I order bracelets and key chains from Kayla Messineo over at www.
And from Sarah Jones over at

Thanks ladies for taking time to sell these things...  So feel free to hop over to either one or even both websites and make a order.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hot outside

Wow it's hot and humid outside so there for Courtney hasn't been able to go outside, maybe later when it cools down a little bit she will get in the pool. Last night we went to Kokomo beach and went swimming as soon as she jumped in the pool she got a bloody nose. She did have fun and I didn't take my camera so I didn't get any pictures it was a fun family night even though we were all in different places in the pool. 

Courtney woke up very cranky today she couldn't swallow her hungry pill even though it's way smaller then her zenpeps so I had to go to the store to get her applesauce and some pop tarts. She did eat two pop tarts so that a good thing. She hardly ate her lunch today and she even had a pill. She started coughing not real bad and it's not a on going cough last night. She has one treatment down and now is just laying on the couch watching T.V.

I can see it's going to be a lazy day for the girls so I should go and do laundry. Have a good Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Courtney had her 2 month CF clinic visit today at 10:30 a.m. so today is a long day for us. I got the girls up about 7:15 - 7:30 so they could eat breakfast since we had to be on the road by 9:00 a.m. and I had to stop by and get grandma (my mom) since she was going with us and we have a 1.5 hour drive just one way. Well for anyone that knows Courtney she isn't really a morning person at all, she is getting better but she is a slow poke so before we left I had her to her Albuterol puffer some treatment is better than none right? Well we get to clinic like at 10:15 so we took all the stuff that DeziRae's girl scout troop 3034 had gotten for the peds floor and we went and took it to them. Then off to check into clinic the waiting room was packed so we sign in and go wait in the hall and finally get to go back into the waiting room for her to be called. 
She weighs 41.6 lbs she she only gained six tenths of a pound :( she is 113.2 cm tall.
Off to do PFTS

David had told us it was one of the best ones Courtney has ever done so I am a proud mama... She is gonna need a size medium vest here shortly. Here comes one of our favorite nurses to do vitals her temp was 99.5 her O2 was 97 I will take it even though it's usually 100 not going to complain.

Then comes in Courtney's doctor and it kinda went down hill from there, she isn't happy about Courtney's weight and that she isn't eating lunch every day. OK I do UNDERSTAND that she needs to GAIN WEIGHT but when I ask Courtney like 3 or 4 times if she is hungry for lunch and I get the same answer I am not going to force her to eat. I know when she is hungry she will tell me and she will eat dinner is a hit n miss some nights she eats great others not so great yes I know that heat plays a big part right now but we have A/C and keep it in the 70's. So the Dr. added Periactin 2mgs at every meal again, lets hope this works I was told to do one month one and one month off. Then the DR. went on to say that her PFTS numbers are down from last time and then asked me if she had done treatment and I had told her she did her Albuterol puffer but not the vest. What does she want me to do get my child up way earlier than I need too??? When the nutritionist came in she told me that if Courtney's doesn't gain some more weight by September we will have to come up with another plan. Her BMI used to be in the 50% tile and now it's in the 25% tile. I had asked her if I should have Courtney eat a snack at school during the day she told me yes. So needless to say I will do what I can to get her to eat and gain more weight but I can't push and make her or she may just not eat anything or very little.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Having one of those days

Here are most of Courtney's meds she is no longer on Creon but Zen Pep and I am missing the Advair in this picture. As Eric and I were filling her pill holders I figured out on a month of 31 days my sweet baby take 558 or more depending on how many snacks she has. I am just having one of those type of days where I just want to scream and cry but I won't because I know there are others out there that go  through or have gone through more that I have with my baby... 
I would love to be able to go out to eat and not have to remember to take her pills, I would love for her too have 2 extra hours a day to play, But OH NO we can't do I hate it YES but I will make sure to do everything I can to keep her as healthy as I can. This is NORMAL for US and this is NORMAL for Courtney. She starts school a month from tomorrow. Am I scared? Hell yes I am scared for the fact that she will be there all day.  It was different when she was only going half days. Last winter was OK we managed to AVOID club med..  I am just having one of those love hate relationships today with CF!!!!!

Sorry for just rambling and not making any since at all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Catron's back yard

Flash me Friday was started by Jen. The game is that she picks a room of your house and you have to take a picture, easy right? The catch is that there is NO CLEANING allowed!

The back yard- A work in progress

The pond. I find my self coming out in the morning to have my cup of coffee and even just at night. It's very relaxing to me.
The back porch.
Of course the swimming pool gotta have one . I would love for a in ground pool but I don't see that happening.
And where the girls play.

I find that we spend more time in the back yard in the summer so that I why I only did pictures of the front yard. There are many things I would love to do with this back yard but there are to many tree roots ( I would love to see the trees gone) and with the dogs it's hard to have nice grass.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot and Humid

Well it's been hot and humid here in good old Kokomo the last few days. We stay in the house for most of the day or if we go out it's to go in the pool for a little bit and then coming back in until later in the evening. Tuesday when Courtney was doing treatment I noticed that she was breathing a little bit harder so I asked her if she was OK and she said yes. I am thinking it may have been due to the hot weather. Does any one else have a hard time breathing with it's hot or humid out? With it being hot out of course she doesn't really eat so I am afraid so see if she lost weight when we go to clinic on Tuesday.

We are going camping a week from Sunday and we all can't wait. Courtney asked me if she still had to do treatment. I told her of course you do and the look on her face. Needless to say it broke my heart. I know treatments are important but thinking of all the other medical stuff that we have to take just for 3 days, OH WELL it's WORTH IT. She will make the best of it.

Here are some pictures from the first time the girls went camping, Courtney was on the phone with grandma so she didn't have to help, She managed to still be able to sleep in, and still had to do breathing treatment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wordless Wednesday

These were taken today :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July

From our family to yours... Have a good one and be safe.


The Catron Family

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flash me Friday Kitchens

As you can see my wonderful daughters didn't put the chairs back
My pantry
And the rest of the kitchen.. It's nothing fancy but it works for us for now. I am wanting to put a island in here where the table is or even a bar . I don't like the floor but won't redo it since we are renting and we have redone all the other floors to hard wood floors for Courtney..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today we all WORE RED FOR CONNER (6-30-10).. Today was a hard day even though I had never met Conner or his family I feel like they are a part of my family and in a way they are they are my CF family along with many others. I am so grateful that Sarah and Brad have shared Conner with many of us. For a little boy he has taught us all many lessons or for me he has. The third picture makes me a proud mommy but also a sad mommy at the same time. Courtney had wrote on her balloon to Conner all by her self with out any help and it says I love you Conner or Conner I love you love Courtney.. She has a BIG HEART and is VERY CARING for others. It amazes me how many people wore RED FOR CONNER .. I am not in any of these pictures but I was wearing RED.. The pics of the balloons are all that great but we left them go and I tried getting the best pictures I could but they hurried up into heaven for Conner.

The Catron Family