Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot and Humid

Well it's been hot and humid here in good old Kokomo the last few days. We stay in the house for most of the day or if we go out it's to go in the pool for a little bit and then coming back in until later in the evening. Tuesday when Courtney was doing treatment I noticed that she was breathing a little bit harder so I asked her if she was OK and she said yes. I am thinking it may have been due to the hot weather. Does any one else have a hard time breathing with it's hot or humid out? With it being hot out of course she doesn't really eat so I am afraid so see if she lost weight when we go to clinic on Tuesday.

We are going camping a week from Sunday and we all can't wait. Courtney asked me if she still had to do treatment. I told her of course you do and the look on her face. Needless to say it broke my heart. I know treatments are important but thinking of all the other medical stuff that we have to take just for 3 days, OH WELL it's WORTH IT. She will make the best of it.

Here are some pictures from the first time the girls went camping, Courtney was on the phone with grandma so she didn't have to help, She managed to still be able to sleep in, and still had to do breathing treatment.

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