Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today we all WORE RED FOR CONNER (6-30-10).. Today was a hard day even though I had never met Conner or his family I feel like they are a part of my family and in a way they are they are my CF family along with many others. I am so grateful that Sarah and Brad have shared Conner with many of us. For a little boy he has taught us all many lessons or for me he has. The third picture makes me a proud mommy but also a sad mommy at the same time. Courtney had wrote on her balloon to Conner all by her self with out any help and it says I love you Conner or Conner I love you love Courtney.. She has a BIG HEART and is VERY CARING for others. It amazes me how many people wore RED FOR CONNER .. I am not in any of these pictures but I was wearing RED.. The pics of the balloons are all that great but we left them go and I tried getting the best pictures I could but they hurried up into heaven for Conner.

The Catron Family

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