Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a little bit of everyrthing update

Good morning everyone... Last night a CF friend on face booked informed many of us that there was a person faking that her daughter had CF and had even stole some pictures from this friend. How could some one do that.. Come on I don't wish CF up on any one. It just really upsets me and come on especially after the Jones Family loosing their son Conner. This person needs help and if she really does have a daughter I feel so sorry for daughter.

On another note Courtney has been having a good summer she will now go in her grandma and poppop's pool and ours with out her water wings, she now jumps of the ladder in to the water. Courtney just seems to keep amazing me on things. There are days that she fights me with treatment and I can't blame here who would want to come in side for a hour to do treatment so we have been trying to get it done before she can go outside and play and then she does her last one when it's time to come in for the night. The warm weather has kinda messed with her eating she seems not to be too hungry so we just keep fruit in the fridge for her to eat..

DeziRae is no longer in a booster seat so Courtney thinks she doesn't have to be in one .. Both girls will start soccer at the end of July. I am real curious to see how she does with that. I would like her to have a sport to play since it's good for her I just have a feeling come middle school she will want to be a cheer leader nothing wrong with that... Both girls have decided to add hip hop dance in with there tap and ballet so lets see how we all are going to handle Saturday soccer games and hip hop.

Courtney used to be on Nexium until the wonderful insurance company wanted to be a butt and make her have to try Omeprazole generic for Prilosec and honestly I think she has had more tummy problems with that med so I will talk to her dr and see.

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