Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Courtney and the Dentist

Well the girls had a dentist apt today. My oldest DeziRae goes in there like a champ Courtney on the other hand doesn't so much.

She just started laying in the chair and let them clean her teeth with out freaking out took about 2 years so 4 visits. Today they wanted to try and get x-rays since she has never had them done well needless to say is that sat in the chair but wouldn't let them do x-rays she wouldn't opened her mouth. Later she told me it was because it would hurt. I told her it wouldn't . Times this like I HATE CF it has made her brave and strong but other times so freaked out thanks to throat cultures. I keep telling my self baby steps she did fine with blood draws at clinic so maybe in 6 months she will let them get x-rays of her teeth.

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