Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a clinic appt

Wow what a long day it has been. Clinic didn’t go so well but then again we got to come home. Courtney didn’t gain any weight she is still holding at 45.8 pounds and is still 117.5 cm tall. Her pft’s are down 8% from last time. She hasn’t even been off of antibiotics for a week and she is on them again. She is on Clarithromycin generic for Biaxin has anyone been on this before? It’s new for her and we even got it flavored and all I am going to say it’s going to be a long 3 weeks she didn’t even take it all tonight she spit it out. She is also on 7 days of Prednisolone generic for Orapred and I even got that one flavored.

Dr. James is thinking it’s more asthmatic than CF. We go back in 3 weeks and if not better then we will be admitted. Hubby feels like she needs be admitted for a tune up since it’s been 2.5 years and well I am stuck in the middle.


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