Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer and Vacation.

Wow it's been forever since I have posted. With Summer here I don't really have time to get on here. Lets see Courtney has been doing well, she has clinic August 2nd and then I am taking her to get a second opinion and that will be September 13th. I am hoping this doctor will be able to figure things out and maybe just maybe be able to answer some of my questions that I have not been able to get answered. For 1 there is like a big pimple by her eye and no it's not a pimple and her pulmo now says it's a virus and when the virus is gone it too will go away. Well hello she has had it for a long time, yes sometimes it gets smaller but never goes away. 2. Courtney's tummy there are days that she looks really bloated and have very stinky gas doctor isn't worried about this but I did take my oldest to a GI doctor and we are looking for answers so I am maybe hoping to get Courtney in to see the same GI if her current dr isn't going to do a damn thing about it this mama will. We are slowly changing our pasta over to wheat pasta.

Right now we are in Maryland on vacation to see Eric's mom and sister and family. It's been nice and warm and honestly a little to warm they don't have a pool to swim in so it makes it harder. The girls start school August 11th. I think Courtney is ready . I know this mama is kinda ready for them to go back to school. They will find out there teachers at the end of July.


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