Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just another day

Well well well, Courtney seems to have the sniffles yet again I am thinking some of it's allergies since she isn't coughing let's keep those fingers crossed. Courtney has her birthday check up , really why do they call it that? I call it her yearly CF appointment next Wednesday so lets hope all is well then. I have tons of questions this time around I want to know what her vest settings should be set at these days since she doesn't cough at all during her treatments unless she is sick. I mean her base line is no cough but then again that changes too.

Tonight as she was getting ready to do treatment I was getting everything ready and I was going over what she had to do and when like I always do even though she knows what order they go in. Out of the blue for the FIRST time EVER she looked at me and said " mommy those are a lot of medicines I have to do". It BROKE my heart.. She can tell you how many pills she needs and what medicines she takes and you would think she would have said something before. This is all NORMAL to her and yes US but it's NOT FAIR!!!!!!

I have done a lot of worrying lately about next year when she is in school all day. I know she knows the do's and don'ts but they are closing so many elementary schools closing so there will be more at her school and my biggest fear is someone else having CF and the parents not telling the school and or for some reason them getting in the same class. I honestly don't know how many school ages kids in our area have CF. I think I am going to go talk to the nurse this week or when I have to sign the girls up for school and see. I know she can't give names but I am hoping she can tell me if there is anyone else in that school with CF.

Sorry for going on and on. That's all I really have to say

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