Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10-27-10 Clinic Update

Miss.Courtney has her clinic appointment today and Eric the wonderful hubby/daddy took her today. Before I update lets just say that I love that he will take her but I had a hard time today I had to text him to get a update so needless to say I had a hard time not being there.

Courtney now weighs 44.2 last time she weighed 42.6 so that is awesome, her height is 45 inches tall can't recall what it was last time but to me that child has not grown much at all. Heart Rate 116 O2 was 98% and temperature was 99.5. Yes I did send a list of questions with Eric but I didn't think he would have wrote down her heart rate so I give him credit for doing that. She got her flue shot and didn't cry they also drew blood and again she didn't cry. Now only if she would let them do throat cultures with out throwing a huge fit. She also got blooded drawn for PT, PTT and INR so I guess one of those are vitamin K levels? She gets bloody noses a lot and sometimes it takes them forever to stop. Last time we were at clinic there was talk about her sinuses. So I guess if the blood work comes back normal we will have to go see a ENT.. Eric also let the doctor know that Courtney had blood work done and blood cultures done due to having fevers off and on for 3-4 weeks she wasn't concerned or worried about the low grade temps at all.

Here is a list of questions that I sent with him and the answers I got back. 

Whats the difference between the Pari LC plus and the Pari LC sprint?- I wanted to know because I wanted to try to Pari LC sprints. Well, no such luck we have to stay with the Pari LC Plus because their is no studies on the Sprints.

Scandishakes- Courtney doesn't care for them any more so I was worried about that. We are now adding half & half in her milk.

And I knew what Courtney's CF mutations were I just wanted to made sure and they are both Delta F508. 

We go back in 6 weeks so that makes December 7th. If Courtney can keep up with what she is doing I think we can avoid club med this winter so I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying..  Courtney was up at 5:00 A.M. to get a hour of treatment before clinic and she didn't take a nap so she was out like a light. I give that child lots of kuddos she is up at 6:00 A.M. Monday-Friday for treatments.. She gets to sleep in on Saturday and do treatments after breakfast and on Sunday's treatment is usually done after church but I think I am going to change that she can get up at 7:00 A.M.

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