Monday, October 11, 2010

Flash me Friday late

Well, I had taken pictures on Friday with my phone and emailed them to my self and then deleted them from my phone bad idea. Some how they didn't come through on my email so I had to redo everything.

If you would like to join Flash me Friday all you need to do it hop on over to

Courtney would eat these all day if I would let her. Mama's gotta have her coffee

We always have to have some type of cheese on hand.

I gotta have my creamer, Courtney will use ranch or sour cream to dip chips in or her meats

Gotta have that Mac and Cheese I could go with out it.

Fruit, gotta have it for lunches and snacks, Fig bars are my new things and PB crackers you would think Courtney wouldn't like applesauce anymore but she still loves it

Green beans, Peas (yucky) Courtney can eat a whole can... And pickled beats and the one missing is Corn

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