Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OK I know this is suppose to be about Courtney but I just got done reading Ronnies Blog over at  www.runsickboyrun.com and it gave me a good idea for a blog what you will find on are DVR 

*1. One Tree Hill- Eric will even watch this with me

*2. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager- Eric will watch this sometimes with me

*3. Criminal Minds

*4. NCIS

5. Hoarders

*6. Teen Mom / 16 And Pregnant - Can't wait for this one to start again

*7. House

8. Paranormal State

9.Keeping Up With The Kardashians 

*10. In Plain Sight - Can't wait for this one to come back on

11. Intervention

12. Sister Wives

13. Reba - DeziRae like's Reba

14. Hannah Montana - Both Girls love this show and it gives me something to watch with them

 15. Ghost Hunters -

16. Dog The Bounty Hunter

17. Little People Big World

As you can see most of these shows are Eric's and mine the girls really don't have recorded shows they will record some shows but that's only if they won't be home or will be in bed..

I love having DVR since we have had it I don't like watching live T.V. and if I do I will pause it for awhile because I don't like commercials. Almost all the shows that I have recording are all new episodes...  

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  1. We do watch alot of the same shows! Sisterwives is just weird. I don't see how they do it. & I can't believe the first season is already over. It was short! Chris pretty much watchs all my shows with me. He gets hooked. He even looks forward to the next week. lol. DVR is great! I never really watched TV that much until I got it. Don't think I could go without it now!
    I also think it's funny you made a list too!!