Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First couple days of school

Dezi all ready for school

Courtney almost all ready for school

Grandma and Courtney

Wow is all I can say. It's been busy. Courtney is loving school. After school on the first day she told me "mommy we don't really have play time like in kindergarten" so I asked her if that was a good or bad thing and she said "mommy that is a good thing we have more time for learning" Wow does my child love school and her teacher. I am just hoping that she gets the challenge that she needs. Don't get me wrong she still needs to practice writing so her letters don't float. I am wondering if now we should have put her in the Key program which is just advanced. Thursday, Friday and Monday she didn't have a hard time getting up at 6:45 A.m. to do treatment which surprised me. Today well her alarm went off and the lil bugger turned it off and tried to go back to sleep but this mama didn't let her. She loves her teacher and so far I am liking her teacher too we have open house so we will talk and then I will touch base with her most likely on Wednesdays. Courtney's teacher has a lil boy that is a CF carrier and part of me wonders if that is why she was placed with this teacher. Here are some pics from the first day of school. 

Doing treatment on first day of school


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