Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sour Apples

That is the name that Courtney's team decided on today why in line to get soccer pictures done. I have to say they all played there little hearts out today but I am sad in a way since coaching Courtney's team I have to be on the field why they play and also tend to the kiddo's that are out and also tie shoes why on the field. Well, why doing one of those things I missed out seeing my baby make her first goal ever. I didn't know she had made one until I was looking of the score card. My mama said that after Courtney had made the goal and make it back down to the other half of the field that she ran over there and said grandma did you see that goal I made, or something close to that. Don't get me wrong I enjoying being a coach especially on game day but I have decided that after this season I am going back to a sideline mom/coach. Courtney told me she wanted to play in the spring I am hoping that she will do that and maybe even do next fall so Eric can be her coach for once and that way Dezi can have some one else as a coach. Don't get me wrong Eric is a awesome coach but I think it's time Dezi has someone else. 
     I planned on Courtney playing 3 quarters today but she ended up playing 2.5 quarters because it was getting hot out side and also because I could tell that she was starting to breathe a lot harder that normally even when she is at practice. She got up at 6 this morning and did a hour of treatment and she was coughing last night and through out the day today :( .

This evening as I was getting telling her that is was treatment time she was doing this and then gave it to me.

My tummy hurts mommy. Love Courtney I love the arrow that is pointing to her tummy

Doing treatment and of course on her laptop

Need less to say that she was trying to get out of treatment but it didn't work I just turned her vest down a little bit. Lets hope she doesn't cough to much tonight. She will be up early again tomorrow morning to do treatment as we have church but she will get to sleep until 7 instead of 6. Not sure how that girl can still be going at night but once her head hits the pillow she is asleep. 

Mandie & Courtney 


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